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The Digital Peer Support survey gathers information about how LGBTQ+ young people support each other and themselves through digital and social media. It also explores how these practices relate to mental health and wellbeing. This survey is part of a larger study that aims to inform Australian mental health policy through evidence of LGBTQ+ young people’s mental health experiences and peer support practices.

To participate in this survey, you must be based in Australia; aged 16-25 years, and be part of the LGBTQ+ community (we use this acronym because it is recognisable, but as the + suggests, this includes a wider range of gender and sexual identities).

Who’s doing this research?

My name’s Paul Byron and this is part of my postdoctoral research project undertaken at the University of Technology Sydney. I have a history of researching digital and social media, along with LGBTQ+ young people’s wellbeing and peer support. You can read more about my research on my UTS staff profile. This research has been approved by UTS Ethics (reference: ETH20-5087).

About the survey

The survey is anonymous and participation is voluntary. As the survey is anonymous, you will not be asked to share your name or provide any information that reveals your identity. This survey has been approved by the UTS Human Research Ethics Committee (Ref: ETH20-5087).

Keep track of research findings

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Other opportunities to get involved

We plan to interview LGBTQ+ young people (aged 16-25) between December 2020 and March 2021. Interviews will follow up on key findings from this survey, and participants will receive a gift card for their participation. Interviews will be conducted online. If you wish to register for an interview, please fill out the short form at the end of the survey. If you would like to be interviewed without doing the survey, please subscribe to this research blog to receive a future announcement about this.

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