Report: LGBTQ+ young people’s peer support for mental health

Our project report based on research with 674 LGBTQ+ young people in Australia is now available, offering insight into what digital peer support means to LGBTQ+ young people, and how mental health is negotiated, both personally and collectively, through digital media.

The report presents findings from a national survey and interviews with LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 years. For this study, digital peer support comprises informal, digital and social media engagement with friends and peers. Findings demonstrate how LGBTQ+ young people support each other in ways that families, schools, and health practitioners cannot. Taking a strengths-based approach to LGBTQ+ young people’s experiences, participants are engaged as digital peer support experts. Centring LGBTQ+ young people’s digital cultures is central to this study’s goal to enrich current healthcare practices, strategies, and policies relating to LGBTQ+ young people’s mental health.

You can download the full report HERE.

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