Interview participants sought: LGBTQ+ young people 16-25 years, living in Australia

Last year we conducted a survey of LGBTQ+ young people (16-25 years) in Australia. We’ve been following this up with interviews, and we’re seeking more participants.

Interviews will be conducted online (via Zoom) in August/September 2021. Interviews will run for up to 1 hour and will be audio-recorded. Participation will be anonymous and you will receive a shopping voucher valued at $50 for your contribution.

Places are limited, so please register HERE soon if interested.

Registering involves completing a 1-minute questionnaire asking for details of age, location, gender, sexual identity/orientation, cultural identity/background, and disability. This is to ensure we get a diverse range of participants.

Email Paul on if you have any questions.

Project Report: LGBTQ+ young people, COVID-19, & service provision in Australia

This month we released early findings from our national survey of 660 LGBTQ+ young people (16-25 years) that ran from August-November 2020. While the survey asked a range of questions relating to mental health, social media, and peer support, this report focuses on questions asked about COVID-19 and associated lockdowns, and how these impacted survey participants. We consider these data alongside interviews conducted with Twenty10 staff and volunteers in late 2020.

We report on 5 questions asked of survey participants in relation to COVID-19, alongside data from 11 interviews with Twenty10 staff and volunteers who support LGBTQ+ young people in NSW. As a result of COVID-19, Twenty10 suspended drop-in services in 2020, and developed new ways to support young people, including the development of a Discord server. Staff and volunteers report on the challenges of LGBTQ+ youth service delivery during a pandemic, and discuss the needs for the LGBTQ+ support sector into the future.

We hope the report is valuable to LGBTQ+ service providers, communities, and researchers, here and abroad. This project was also designed to support Twenty10, as our research partner, and was funded by the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion at the University of Technology Sydney.

Many thanks to all survey and interview participants for sharing their experiences. The report can be found HERE.

Social Impact grant

From a Social Impact Grant received from the UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion in 2020, we have added questions to our national survey of LGBTQ+ young people regarding their experiences of COVID-19 ‘lockdowns’ and how this may have impacted mental health support. We will also interview staff and volunteers from Twenty10, as partner organisation for this grant. This research will be undertaken by Paul Byron (UTS), Kerry Robinson (WSU), Cristyn Davies (USyd) and Sab D’Souza (UTS). The survey will be launched this month.